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RUAware is a team of students that felt that it was time to raise the question on the Ryerson Students Union involvement with the CFS. We want to simply ask our students if they would like to have their voice heard on this issue. When students start their university careers, they are not asked about whether or not they want to be a part of this federation. This is an opportunity for Ryerson students to have a discussion on the student movement in Canada and whether they wish to be a part of this specific organization. Over the past few years, many university student bodies have asked this exact same question. In September, a letter signed by the RSU and nine other student unions called for reforms to be made within the federation. Whether you are for or against the CFS, this is an opportunity to open a dialogue with our students and to discuss this topic in a civil and democratic fashion. So we ask our fellow Ryerson students to give us your support, open up discussions and have this referendum. It is time to let Ryerson students decide.

Petition Explained

The main point of our petition is to have full time Ryerson students eventually vote on whether they should defederate from the CFS or not. Although a national organization, there are many universities within Canada who are not a part of the organization or have left the federation through a vote. We feel it's important for both sides of this issue to voice their opinions. This petition would start a discussion on students, their union and their current national federation. Whether you are for or against the CFS, this petition is the first step in having this discussion and eventual vote.

The need for discussion

Discussion is needed to breed new ideas and to open dialogues that have not been happening in and around campus. It's important to review and re-evaluate our relationship with this national federation. Student politics and activism is changing at Ryerson, and because of this we believe that it's important to start the discussion on the relationship between CFS and full time Ryerson students. But like any movement or idea, it needs to start with discussion. We are not calling for any drastic action at this time, but just looking for support so we can open up discussion and have a vote.

In recent years student bodies at Concordia, Cape Breton, Victoria and the post graduates students of McGill had decertified after taking a vote on the issue. A large number of student unions like that of Western, Waterloo, McMaster Brock and Queen's are not apart of the CFS. This petition is not unprecedented in Canada and we believe it is time for Ryerson students to discuss and decide.

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